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  • Individual results may vary. Not all participants will achieve the same results.
  • Appropriate dietary control is performed, and target body weight is maintained for the individual.
  • Values for participants' body fat percentage and waist reduction are results statistically processed for a sample size of 19, and the range of probabilistically feasible results (actual values, October 2013 LM Research Foundation research). This is not a 100% guarantee of results.
  • Average values for weight loss over 2 months were -10.41±3.37 kg; for body fat percentage, -6.32±1.62%; for waist, -13.01±4.27 cm (actual values, October 2013 LM Research Foundation research). Individual results may vary. Not all participants will achieve the same results.

To deliver tangible results, RIZAP will provide a personal and private training room for all members. During your training, RIZAP’s fitness instructors will devote 100% energy to guide you through the training.

Asides from fitness training, RIZAP’s private trainers will offer professional counseling services for psychological growth and support.

Our mission is your mission: to help you achieve your goals together with full force.

I can’t do this anymore” 
“But it’s just impossible…

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Wan Chai Center
1/F Gaylord Commercial Center, 114-118 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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Since 2012, RIZAP has been Asia’s 1st to spread the concept of 1-to-1 trainer-trainee coaching system and result-driven fitness programs. Star-grade 1-on-1 Training Solution. Based on Science. Your Fat Loss is Our Gain!

1. 1-to-1 Coaching
Personal gym room, private 1-to-1 coaching, all you need to achieve your goals!

Unbreakable Mental Support
Constant Motivation. For You. With You.

客戶服務熱線 :2786-8589

RIZAP Personal Training Gym

RIZAP 2-month Transformation

RIZAP’s methodology is result-driven and tailor-made for all clients individually.

2. Complete Body Tests and Assessments
RIZAP offers complete body assessments and designs tailor-made fitness plans for every individual client!

3.  Tangible Results in 8 Weeks
Based on scientific evidence, the client is guided to achieve results with maximum efficiency!

4. Transparent Pricing & 30-Day Full Guarantee Policy
All costs are clear-cut. No upselling. No strings attached. No results in 30 days training with RIZAP? Hassle-free money-back guarantee.

5. Complete Dietary Guidance
No more panicking on what to eat! We advise on three meals a day, seven days a week!

6. Convenient Location

RIZAP is located in the heart of Hong Kong, Wanchai, best suited for white collars!

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In half a month, although my weight only decreased slightly but it turns out my lean muscle mass increased by 2 kg and my body fat percentage dropped by 3.8%, fat loss down by 2.2 kg! I have also become taller and certainly feel more confident!

-  K I S A B B B -

Many of my friends say my body has gotten firmer. Honestly, the sound of hearing that satisfies me more than the idea of losing weight! Crunches and ab workouts here I come! Fight on!

- S A M AN D A C H U -

RIZAP's fitness coaches taught me how to eat healthily, and how to increase lean muscle mass through weight training. It's not a weight-loss trick. It's definitely healthy and effective weight-loss.

- Y U K I  L E U N G -

Don't ask me why I am so happy working out at RIZAP!

- 龍 小 菌 -

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Training Twice A Week

Dietary Guidance & Nutrition Support

Results Review

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